RideMKE has been established as a non-profit organization committed to the development of sustainable concrete skateparks within Milwaukee County. 100% of our efforts go directly to constructing FREE public skateparks within the Milwaukee community. Our plan is to organize a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) effort and build new structures as the money becomes available. We are always looking for more community involvement, so if you are looking to donate some of your time to help out please contact us.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Needs / Wants / Wishes / ETC.

The initial quarterpipes that we plan to build through the NE corner of the tennis courts in Estabrook Park will be 5' high with  two 12' long sections joined by a radius corner. We are planning on putting a 3' deck at the top and building the QP's with a 6.5' transition. We are going to need approximately 260 8"x8"x16" blocks to build the retaining wall to support the structure, this should cost around $215. I have a line on free scrap lumber that can be used for forms. Dirt for fill can typically be delivered for free, there are craigslist posts everyday from people who are looking for someplace to put their extra dirt. We will need to come up with another $300 or so for the rebar and steel coping. A full truck of concrete (9 cubic yards) will be enough to pour this feature plus some additional and will cost around $900. So overall we need to attempt to raise about $1500 to get a good jump start on improving Estabrook Skatepark. Our intention is to start the fundraising effort immediately and start by purchasing and placing the block, we can move forward as the funds become available to reach the next step in the construction process. I met up at the park during lunch with Jeff Klugiewicz, Cole and some others within the local BMX scene, they are pumped to join our groups together and make things happen. We are looking forward to getting everyone involved and making this a community effort. So go out and sell your old baseball card collection and donate the profits to the future of public skateparks in Milwaukee County. Stay tuned for updates on fundraising events and construction parties!

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