RideMKE has been established as a non-profit organization committed to the development of sustainable concrete skateparks within Milwaukee County. 100% of our efforts go directly to constructing FREE public skateparks within the Milwaukee community. Our plan is to organize a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) effort and build new structures as the money becomes available. We are always looking for more community involvement, so if you are looking to donate some of your time to help out please contact us.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

What Would Axl Rose Do? (WWARD)

So my mind has been full of all sorts of crazy fun ideas for fundraising to make these parks happen. Not sure if any of you have seen our flyer up at Estabrook Park, but here it is just in case:

This got me thinking, what are the chances Axl Rose would do a benefit concert in Estabrook Park? Probably a long shot, but what the hell, I'll give him a call. Maybe he still has that setup and would join us for a quick session!
Seriously though, fundraising is going to be huge for this effort and I have quite a few good ideas, but would love to get some more ideas from others within the community and will definitely be looking for a list of volunteers to help out with future events. Leave a comment for me on this post if you want to help out and I will get in touch to set something up.

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